What is happening to my world? 


You know what’s becoming extinct these days—besides, tigers, rhinos, payphones, and privacy? Humanity.

Every news headline that pops onto my mobile screen upsets me. Each time I log in to Facebook I’m bombarded with posts about various crimes against humanity.

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Why is the world turning into a hellhole? We are going to gift this to our future generations? I can’t even describe the fear that grips me whenever I think about the survival of my kids, grandkids, and so on in this barbaric world. My whole body shudders at the thought of the ever-escalating violence in our society.

There was a time in my childhood when I used to think that abominable acts like terrorism, murders, dacoities, female infanticides would gradually reduce as the countries develop. Now I’m realizing that I have been illusory.

Watching little babies gasping for breath as their mothers wish swift deaths upon them; feeling helpless and hopeless about the situation; inability to do anything but shed silent tears while viewing the videos of the people begging for help from other countries . . . the state of Syria shook me.

What did they do to deserve this?

That’s one question I want to ask anyone who is willing to provide me with a fitting answer, including God.


Children losing their fathers, mothers reduced to hapless spectators as their kids perish due to hunger, and the world simply looks on.


We go to a concert in Vegas, sway to the music in trance, and suddenly the tranquility is disturbed when some maniac opens fire, shooting everyone in range like they are game.

Another lunatic turns a school into a burial ground and young students with countless aspirations lay on the ground next minute, defunct.

A gun happens to be the trigger to a psychopath’s twisted brain. And easy access to weapons will obviously turn them into killing machines.

Basically, it doesn’t matter whose fault it is—the culprits’, guns’, laws’, leaders’—but once a life is lost, it results in a ripple effect, leaving so many people shattered.

Again, I want to ask—Why? What is happening to my world?


Now, coming to India, where crimes against women—um, actually crimes against every female creature—are so rampant that I wish all girls could flee the country to a place where they don’t have to fear their mere existence.

I mean it’s a shame, really. Okay, some people are forced into depravity due to vile upbringing and environs but that is in no way an excuse for their deeds. They should either seek help or adapt to a better way of living by observing the normal people around. If they resort to crime, then they ought to be inflicted with the harshest of punishments because if they’re released back into the society after serving the term, sure as the wind blows, they will destroy many more lives.

Monsters are meant to be confined.


Here I am fantasising about flying cars, lesser diseases, and a world without crime in a decade or two, and the humankind is doing everything in its power to prove me wrong.

Nevertheless, I’ll keep holding on to the hope for the proverbial world peace and wait for the day I could view the world with esteem instead of disdain.

For that to happen we must do our part too and ensure that our future generations imbibe moral values and are raised to be compassionate towards fellow humans.



Dictionary definition of feminism = the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.

I had to state the synonym because there are birdbrains who think feminism is all about the supremacy of women. No! It’s not. It’s about equality. I emphasize on the word EQUALITY.

Why should there be a movement for equality of women you ask?

Because women have always been treated like doormats. Refer to a history textbook if you want proof. But the textbooks only hint at the unfair treatment women received right since the conception of the earth. So, I can refer to more works of literature where there are detailed accounts of gruesome acts against women by sadistic humans with horrendous mentalities. NEWSPAPER!

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You can get it anywhere for just a single-digit price. Turn a page and voila! There it is with headlines the size of our narrow minds—MAN FLOGS WIFE OVER NONSPHERICAL CHAPATIS.

It’s laughable, right? But that’s just juvenile compared to the other barbarous acts against women and I can’t even list them here because I’m too sensitive to that kind of stuff.

The answer to all the ratbags who say, ‘Screw feminism. Why should women be treated specially?’ is this.

If feminism didn’t exist, then women would still be coughing in the dark confines of the kitchen, making fire out of the sparks in order to cook the ordered menu for the household men.

If feminism didn’t exist, then social evils like Sati and child marriage would still be rampant.

If feminism didn’t exist, then female infanticide (although still exists) will turn into a dangerous pandemic.

If feminism didn’t exist, then your sister would be one of the many wives of your brother-in-law; your mother, instead of helping you with your homework, would be receiving her daily quota of lashes from your domineering father; your future wife would be . . . well, I can’t say anything to that because a man who condemns feminism would most likely expect his wife to be his slave.

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I’m certainly not saying that all men would turn into monsters (as if we don’t have enough) without a movement like this, BUT, the influence will be extensive.

Let me elaborate.

So, if your father treated your mother like an unimportant human being whose presence meant service, then you would grow up thinking that women are supposed to be treated as drudges. The world around you is operating in a manner that teaches you that men are superior and women are no more than underlings who should satisfy their every whim, then your mind would steer in that direction too because it will be accepted as a normal way of living.

But if there’s a movement reprehending those practices thereby advocating women empowerment, then it might shepherd you the other way—the right way.

I agree that sometimes feminists tend to border on extreme by promoting misandry but that doesn’t change the whole freaking definition.

If you hate feminists, then you don’t want equality and let me break it to you—it’s detrimental not just for us women but for men too.

Feminism is basically about dispelling prevalent patriarchy. Patriarchy screws up dudes too and here’s how. How many times have you felt the pressure of being forced into a conventional job just because it pays well?

Sometimes I put myself in a man’s shoes and wonder if I would write this if I were a man. Perhaps, I wouldn’t even get time to read because I would be busy tapping away at the keys on the keyboard in a cosy office, writing codes, and programs. That’s what I might be required to do in order to take care of my family and pay tuition for my children. I would be the sole bread earner and would have to kill my dreams in order to meet the norms and pay the bills.

Why couldn’t I become a chef like I wanted to? Or an actor. Or a painter. Anything.

Imagine a world of equality. Both men and women free to pursue their dreams and not persuaded to meet societal standards.

If you aren’t keen on supporting feminism, at least you should be able to be in favour of humanism, right?

What we don’t realize is feminism is on the same lines of humanism.

If you see a woman and man wrestling with each other, whom would you choose to help?

The woman, right? Why not the man? Because we intrinsically know that usually, a man is physically stronger than a woman, hence we would rush to protect the former first. If you have ever done that, then does that mean you’re a feminist too? Maybe or maybe not. But surely, you would have proved yourself to be a human.

And that is exactly what I’m trying to say.

You can fight with your wife, leave the house, roam the streets and can return home safely the next day. But if your wife fights with you and steps out of the house, can you guarantee her safe return?

I know, I know, even the situation is lame, right? Cruel. But I have heard some horrible things like these that impelled me to write this today.

I want to try and partially educate those morons who don’t understand the actual meaning of feminism and brush it off as some useless lib, which advocates “significance” of women.

We don’t strive for power. We need equality.

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And what that equality means, I would leave it to our brains since we have got one whole organ dedicated to doing logical thinking. I mean wouldn’t it be ridiculous if you ask both a girl and a boy to lift the same amount of weights shouting, ‘Equality!’?

Like I said, feminism is just another name for humanity.

This article is dedicated to—that guy, who remarked that women need not have to struggle to find a job as they can marry off a settled guy and enjoy his salary, that man, who said, ‘To hell with feminism’ when his girlfriend condemned his sexist jokes and all those people, who call themselves humans without understanding the meaning of humanity.