What is happening to my world? 


You know what’s becoming extinct these days—besides, tigers, rhinos, payphones, and privacy? Humanity.

Every news headline that pops onto my mobile screen upsets me. Each time I log in to Facebook I’m bombarded with posts about various crimes against humanity.

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Why is the world turning into a hellhole? We are going to gift this to our future generations? I can’t even describe the fear that grips me whenever I think about the survival of my kids, grandkids, and so on in this barbaric world. My whole body shudders at the thought of the ever-escalating violence in our society.

There was a time in my childhood when I used to think that abominable acts like terrorism, murders, dacoities, female infanticides would gradually reduce as the countries develop. Now I’m realizing that I have been illusory.

Watching little babies gasping for breath as their mothers wish swift deaths upon them; feeling helpless and hopeless about the situation; inability to do anything but shed silent tears while viewing the videos of the people begging for help from other countries . . . the state of Syria shook me.

What did they do to deserve this?

That’s one question I want to ask anyone who is willing to provide me with a fitting answer, including God.


Children losing their fathers, mothers reduced to hapless spectators as their kids perish due to hunger, and the world simply looks on.


We go to a concert in Vegas, sway to the music in trance, and suddenly the tranquility is disturbed when some maniac opens fire, shooting everyone in range like they are game.

Another lunatic turns a school into a burial ground and young students with countless aspirations lay on the ground next minute, defunct.

A gun happens to be the trigger to a psychopath’s twisted brain. And easy access to weapons will obviously turn them into killing machines.

Basically, it doesn’t matter whose fault it is—the culprits’, guns’, laws’, leaders’—but once a life is lost, it results in a ripple effect, leaving so many people shattered.

Again, I want to ask—Why? What is happening to my world?


Now, coming to India, where crimes against women—um, actually crimes against every female creature—are so rampant that I wish all girls could flee the country to a place where they don’t have to fear their mere existence.

I mean it’s a shame, really. Okay, some people are forced into depravity due to vile upbringing and environs but that is in no way an excuse for their deeds. They should either seek help or adapt to a better way of living by observing the normal people around. If they resort to crime, then they ought to be inflicted with the harshest of punishments because if they’re released back into the society after serving the term, sure as the wind blows, they will destroy many more lives.

Monsters are meant to be confined.


Here I am fantasising about flying cars, lesser diseases, and a world without crime in a decade or two, and the humankind is doing everything in its power to prove me wrong.

Nevertheless, I’ll keep holding on to the hope for the proverbial world peace and wait for the day I could view the world with esteem instead of disdain.

For that to happen we must do our part too and ensure that our future generations imbibe moral values and are raised to be compassionate towards fellow humans.