Don’t leave a girl alone with depressing books about death and doomsday for more than a few hours.


These days I’ve been contemplating life quite deeply. It could be the effect of recent tragic occurrences or the consequence of being in the company of my mind (and only my mind) for one whole week.

When someone like me is left alone amidst grim literature and melancholic thoughts, the result would be, ta-da, a looong bucket list. Take that, husband (who will shortly begin his venture of checking each box on my list before I grow old and can’t walk anymore)!

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So there I was buried in the pages of “The Book Thief”, which I must admit wreaked havoc on my mental state. I get intensely emotional when it comes to Holocaust books. I also get distracted from them pretty easily in the presence of a cheerful human. During the past one week though, the only social contact I had was with the characters of the dark books discussing doom, and a cloud of gloom hanging above my head like a chandelier.

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It’s an amazing book by the way. A must-read.

One thing led to another and the next moment I was putting together a list of things I want to do before I croak.

Prior to revealing some of the items on the list, here’s a word of caution. Don’t leave a girl alone with depressing books about death and doomsday for more than a few hours.

Difficult but doable . . . I guess:

  1. World tour, including/especially Antarctica. Get up close and personal with seals, dance with penguins, and watch a male penguin propose to its mate with a beautiful, shiny pebble.
  2. Play with any/all big cats. Wouldn’t it be fun to get locked up in the cage with a lion that would probably jump with elation on the arrival of its potential meal? Honestly, my love for big cats might someday put my life in danger.
  3. Hold a reptile or two. Probably a snake and an alligator/crocodile. I know, I know. My list looks like I want to end my life early rather than live it to the fullest.
  4. Read about twenty thousand books in my lifetime—which sounds tough and scary at the same time because to accomplish this I might have to forgo rest of my pursuits.
  5. Conquer Mount Everest. Yeah, I aim for the moon so that I could at least get the stars. Or the clouds.
  6. Win a Nobel Prize. This is highly unrealistic and not even remotely doable but it feels good to have it in this category.


  1. Go on a wildlife safari in Africa– Done. Done. Done.
  2. Kiss a giraffe – Done and done.
  3. Gatecrash a wedding – Done. Although getting caught wasn’t in our plan, it happened. We weren’t arrested or anything. Just got dirty looks on our way to exit after a scrumptious dinner. Yum-yum.
  4. Devote a certain amount of money to charity.
  5. Meet J. K. Rowling, my idol. (very important)
  6. Swim with sharks and/or dolphins.
  7. Go on the scariest high thrill rides. And puke on my fellow riders, which isn’t something I want to do but is inevitable.
  8. Own a mansion. The size of Buckingham Palace. Hee-hee.
  9. VEGAS!!!!!!!!
  10. Stay fit and healthy for as long as I can. Which means I have to exercise every day. And have to quit chocolates, ice-cream, and pizza. THE MOST DIFFICULT THING ON THE LIST.


  1. Watch a horror film alone. In a movie theater. (And probably die of heart attack)
  2. Cut off my hair and see if I could rock the pixie cut. Or perhaps find out how bad I would look in it, given my unruly curls.
  3. Double as a superhero and fight crime.
  4. Stay away from gadgets for one month. One week? At least a day? Yeah, that works. I should include this in the ‘difficult but doable’.
  5. Assemble all the cast and crew of the worst Indian soap operas (almost all) and give them a piece of my mind. Or rip them into pieces.


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Folks, my list is much much longer actually. But let’s call it a day and save it for another blog post. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll check out the prices of the Antarctica cruise and will prepare to break the bank.

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Lo and behold! Here comes the end of another year. And the beginning of a new year. The passing of a winter and the dawn of a new sun.

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Here comes the time for resolutions.

This year, I want my resolutions to be a little different. I don’t want them to add to my growing list of unfulfilled undertakings.

This time I want to make vows that I can actually keep.

Not that I break promises. I give massive importance to promises and try my best to not forsake them. You see, it’s the New Year resolutions that I have trouble with. I have never acted with enough maturity in that department thanks to my extravagance.

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Let me give you a walk-through of some of the few substandard decisions my wretched brainbox made while welcoming 2017.

  1. Read 200 novels

I love to read, okay? But that doesn’t mean reading is the only thing I do. Sadly, my brain missed this vital info and vowed to devour 200 novels (Novels. Not even books. Books would have been easier because anything over ten pages can be considered a book and I would have accomplished the goal by reading my five-year-old cousin’s picture books. But I had to set myself a steady, clearly unrealistic target, right? Ugh). My whole life’s reading constitutes less than 200 books.

Have I considered setting a sensible goal like read for at least two hours every day? Pfft, not my style.

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  1. Abstain from chocolates and ice-creams.

And I was on the phone the very next second to order a chocolate ice-cream cake for New Year. Not the one to compromise.

  1. Exercise every single day.

When clearly, I’m a zombie on weekends rolling on the bed like a slug, while rest of the days I actively avoid doing anything that requires me to walk more than double-digit steps.

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An ideal objective would have been exercise for four to five days per week. Ideal what?

  1. Make fruits and vegetables part of your diet. 

I must say, this was easy because it didn’t say “raw”. Sure, I have a banana milkshake with two spoons of sugar and a dollop of cream whenever I get a chance. And obviously, the pizzas I consume are scattered with veggies. So mission accomplished.

200w_d (1)

Maybe, I should be more specific this year.

  1. Save money.

It should’ve been, “No unnecessary shopping this year despite all the tempting discounts.”

“Save money” is too vague. Of course, I could save money by fanning myself with a newspaper instead of switching on the air conditioner. I can get a zero watt bulb as a substitute to the fluorescent tube.

Now, where’s that store which advertised a 30% discount on all clothing products?

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These are just a few resolutions (among many) I’ve made and failed in 2017. I hope my brain has matured enough to realize that I need to either start the next year with zero expectations or make decisions rationally.

I would like to share some of my “pragmatic” thoughts I’ve reserved for the 31st of December, with my readers.

The coming year, let’s vow to lead a healthy lifestyle by eating nutritiously and following a set exercise routine.

Let’s make time to build our knowledge by reading the newspaper every day.

Let’s strive harder to achieve our personal and professional goals.

Let’s be kinder to the society and ourselves.

Let’s suppress the pessimist in us and give way to positivity.

Let’s not give up no matter how many years pass by without the desired outcome. Your time will come. If not now, then tomorrow. You never know.

Although each year brings with it the dread of the fleeting time, reminder of the ticking clock, signs of aging bodies and, distress of the lapsed moments; it also gives us the promise of hope, fresh opportunities, new people, stronger aspirations and, second chances.

I hope every one of you will only get to see the best of the coming year.


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I heartfully thank you, my dear naysayers. Please keep doing what you’re doing. Add fuel to the fire in me.

Don’t you just looove the kick you get out of doing something that 99 people out of 100 say and strongly believe you can’t?

As for me, I would sell my soul for that high. No, really. But it has to be pretty big. Not something like opening a tightly stuck bottle cap or swatting a housefly with bare hands.

I know, I know, I sound like Jabez Stone from “Shortcut to Happiness”. Relax! I would wet myself on seeing a poster of Satan, let alone selling my soul. But seriously, showing your naysayers what you are capable of is the biggest and best possible achievement, period. It gives immense gratification, the courage to believe in ourselves and confidence that we have chosen the right path.

When anyone divulges their aims and aspirations, the first thing that comes out of my mouth is a word of encouragement, no matter how ridiculous their dreams or fantasies are. Because such seemingly absurd thoughts and visions have compelled Alexander Graham Bell to invent an instrument, on which I’m relying to stay in touch with my loved ones. It’s been called an idiotic contraption that has no more use than a toy. Walt Disney was told that he lacked imagination. Now I can’t imagine the world sans Mickey Mouse.

I run these stories through my mind every time I get demotivated and that’s a lot of times. Choosing a “road less travelled” has its disadvantages. Of course, in the end, the pros outweigh the cons. It’s the unrelenting determination that counts.


What’s strange and sad is that the people you’ve known for the longest span give you the hardest time. They’re the ones who end up labelling you as a good-for-nothing eccentric fool. And that’s the reason why so many aspirers lose hope when they are just a few kilometers away from their goals. If my own people can’t trust me then who would? Well, you should. YOU should trust yourself. YOU should believe in your potential. YOU should prove to your detractors that a road not taken is not road forbidden.


Let me recount the phrases I’ve heard during my course of chasing my dreams.

“It’s a waste of time.”

“You don’t have what it takes. You’re just trying to copy your idols. It doesn’t come a long way.”

“Don’t live in dreams. Reality will become harder to face.”

“So, what’s up with your so-called dream (titters)?”

“Look at everyone around you. Settled in jobs and earning in six figures. Be like them.”

Here are my answers to them.

It’s not a waste of time. If I let it go, it’s a waste of my life.

I beg, borrow, steal and will eventually conceive.

I don’t live in dreams. I live in the real world, sweating every second to shape my dreams into existence.

Well, I’m working on it and will achieve it. One day. For sure. Or I’ll die trying but won’t give up.

I’m like me and I’ll be like myself. Because I love myself more than the “successful” people around me.

As thankful as I am for the people who support me, I’m more grateful to the ones who dispirit me. Without them, the spark in me wouldn’t stay ignited; the hope in me wouldn’t multiply uncountably like it’s doing now; and finally, the faith in me wouldn’t camp in every cell of my body filling me with the thrill of future after the trials of present.

I heartfully thank you, my dear naysayers. Please keep doing what you’re doing. Add fuel to the fire in me. Keep breathing life into the statued grails in me. It hurts, yes. But it reaps too. And that’s the outcome I’m focusing on. A mother has to endure excruciating pain in order to bring another life into this world. Can’t I take a few blows for my better future?